Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Payton's brain

This little girl cracks me up. She seems to be acting older recently. Her language is improving more and more, she has new words all the time and can pronounce some letters she hadn't been able to before (ex. L in Hilary and Elizabeth).

This post is more for my memory, as I don't have anywhere else I write things about what the kids do.

Today she said/did 3 things that surprised me:

1. We were walking back from the mailbox, she now insists on getting the mail everyday (and all by herself, we are going through another round of that). As we were walking on to our driveway she saw a cigarette at the end of the drive and nonchalantly said "Hmm I wonder whose smoke is that?" I about stopped in my tracks. I confirmed that she said smoke and asked her where she learned that and she kinda shrugged saying she didn't know. I can't think of anyone we know who smokes and we really don't go to many places in public that we see people smoking, and if there has been someone smoking, she never asked about it. That threw me off guard and was funny all at the same time.

2. I was upstairs getting Buster from nap and when I came down she had opened my computer and again in a nonchalant tone said,  "I am just checking facebook." Again I had to laugh. I really don't think I talk about facebook much (neither does Steve) as I am only on for a few minutes a day, but she has picked that up somewhere.

3. The thing that warmed my heart was just tonight when I was upstairs putting Colton down for the night and I came downstairs to find her sitting in the spotless playroom, telling me she cleaned it up all by herself. I hadn't even asked her or mentioned that we need to clean the room up, she did it on her own initiative and you could tell she was so proud to tell me. You better believe I made a big deal of that, I would love that to happen more often.

She has such a sincere heart and is really caring. She seems to have a servants heart as well. Often loving to help others out. I pray she keeps a tender heart.


  1. Hilarious! She's a hoot. I'm sure you loved her cleaning up the playroom. Hopefully she'll keep that up. :-)

  2. Okay, so that's all adorable but the facebook thing literally made me laugh out loud! :)What a sweet girl!!

  3. I love this... and love that girl! :)