Friday, October 11, 2013

Worst Day of Her Life

Payton recently told me she had the worst day of her life (this is the day before she told me I am the worst mom ever). She is starting to learn to express herself with different emotional words. I am now "the best mom ever" when I give her what she wants and "the worst mom ever" when she doesn't get what she wants or she suffers consequences for her choices. Thankfully I am confident in my mothering abilities and realize there will be many more times I chose something unpopular with my daughter and she won't like it, that is fine with me. I tell her I love her even when she thinks I am the worst mother (don't worry that I have wanted to say, "oh I will show you the worst mother ever!" Then I remember she is 4 and might not need that lesson for 10 more years).

I poor 4-year-olds worst day ever

Sure enough, I made my children have a shaving cream fight.

As we cleaned off and came inside she was ticked off that she had to get wet in the hose and told me it was her worst day ever. 

Poor sheltered child, you have been too long in Johnson County if this is your worst day ever.

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  1. Ha! In my opinion, you're doing a great job as a parent if your kids think you're "the worst"! So, Bravo!