Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wiens Family Beach Trip AMI 2014

Last week was one of my favorite weeks of the year, our annual beach trip with my whole family to Anna Maria Island. Being that we are the ones that live in middle of the country away from my parents and both brothers and their families, I love this time we get to spend together. Originally this trip was for June, but my older brother and his family were going to head to London for work for 6 months so we moved the trip to earlier. Stetson would have been 2 weeks old traveling to Florida, he was much easier 36 weeks along in my belly instead. I was limited some being so pregnant but all-in-all was thankful we didn't have a newborn. The first half of the week was amazing. Perfect weather and great times. Unfortunately the second half of the week found 10 of the 14 people sick with high fevers and coughs. Steve was so sick he missed fishing, which means he was really sick. Thankfully those were the rainy days so we just hunkered down. Here is the picture overload from the trip.

Last year we found a new donut place on the island where you choose your own glaze and toppings for donuts. They are amazing!

Can you tell which sibling is teaching Presley to smile?

One day Mimi took the older 2 on a Trolley ride, they loved it. 

Mimi and Grandpa withe grandkids (minus Anderson who was sick)

The whole family

My older brother Jordan and his family (Jaime, Jodie 7yrs, Anderson 4.5 yrs, Isaac 14 months)

My good looking parents who both turn a certain round number this year that is the decade between 50 and 70, thankful for good genes.

This was a belly shot but not sure the whole world needs to see that big ole thing hanging out, so yes it was cropped :)
We already have our house booked for next year, can't wait!

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