Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stetson Edward Southards

Stetson Edward Southards 
Friday May 30th, 2014
9 lbs 15.7 oz 
21 inches long
15 inch head

We were supposed to be induced on Thursday May 29th, but the hospital was overfull with women who walked in during the night having babies. So we were pushed back to Friday and they guaranteed we would get in that day.  Much to my surprise, Friday morning at 3 am my water broke. So I knew I was having that baby one way or another that day, no getting pushed back. I had felt a little water leak in bed and thought I better get to the bathroom and as I stood up I had the gushing water down my legs and just had to laugh, first time my body has ever gone into labor on it's own.

We went to the hospital around 7 am and he was born at 1:26pm. He was a big big boy who peed on the way to the scale, so I say he was a 10 pounder!

The transition home has been much harder that I had hoped for. So many people had told me that #4 is so laid back and it is an easy transition. That hasn't been the case for us. He has been super fussy since coming home and has about wore this momma out. So thankful my mom has been here twice already to help as Steve has been out of town. We actually ended up at Children's Mercy ER last night as he was having problems breathing (I felt like I needed to justify myself to the Dr and let her know this was baby #4 and my first time ever visiting the ER, not just running in for every cough). Dr thinks he has reflux so we are starting him on meds today to see if that helps. I have tried everything else "natural" so hoping this helps. I know this is a season that will pass, but it has been difficult. I have flashbacks of Colton who screamed for 2 months straight. Hoping we can get it under control sooner than that.

The older 2 kids love having a baby, Colton has really taken to his little brother. Presley is another story, she is a baby herself and not too sure about this little guy :)

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