Friday, August 22, 2014


Payton started Kindergarten last Thursday. She goes to the half day morning class. She really enjoys it. We are all getting used to having to be out the door early every morning. Preschool started much later and was only 3 days, so the whole family is adjusting to our morning routine. She has a couple friends in her class that she already knew and I know she will thrive in school. Here are pictures from sneak peak and first day.

Larry and Kathy watched the little 2 so we could go to sneak peak and focus on Payton

Papa got her a new bling bling shirt for Kindergarten

Colton and his buddies dropping off their sisters first day of school. Colton was the only kid without a shirt, gym shorts and cowboy boots. That is how we roll :)
Steve and I celebrate our kids growing and moving into different stages. There was a part of me that thought, it just got real, that our kids are growing up. Steve shed a tear as he says I am the head and he is the heart. I am so thankful for his heart!

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  1. Oh my Erin! She is adorable! Love that you are so confident and allow your children to BE who they are! Love Colton's shirtless cowboy boots look! You are a great mama! What a sweetheart! Tell Steve to hold onto his heart, it is now walking around outside of his body and bound to be broken over and over...