Thursday, September 17, 2015

Is this Home Sweet Home?

 Team Southards has put an offer on a house this week. 

It is a long story that started finding this home over a year ago before we had even fully committed to moving to Dayton. 

God's hand has been all over this situation from the beginning.

We have looked and looked at other homes, and this one has come on and off the radar over the last year, but we knew through prayer the time was not right before.

Our prayer the whole time has been to either clear wide the path to this home or slam the door shut if it is not a wise move for our family. 

Most recently, the path has been cleared and we are taking steps until we end up with the house or the door is shut.

We are dealing with the banks (it is a short sale).

We have very specific prayers we are praying that I will share if we end up with this home. I will also share the whole story about the home because it has been such a journey of growing and waiting.

Asking others to join us in prayer for this home. 

Praying for:
- God's hand to either clear the path or shut the door
- Favor with the bank
- For the details to work out in a way that leave people scratching their heads wondering "how that happened?" allowing us to give God the glory

This home is on 5 acres with a creek, pond, woods, and a ton of area for the kids to run around and be kids and for us to host people in our home. 

Thanks so much for joining us in prayer!

Just a glimpse of the home, this is where I would be having my morning quiet time and coffee

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