Monday, August 15, 2016

Demo Day

The past few weekends we have spent doing demo at our new house. I have had a lot of fun knocking things down. We are thankful we aren't the ones putting it back together! We will let the professionals do that. We are so so thankful for all the people who have come out these last few weeks and have been a huge help! Here are some pics to show the progress.

First day of demo was the morning after we closed and Steve had a crew of guys cutting down trees outside. The kids started on the dark paneling in the basement.

First indoor demo day

Family room looking into dining area. Walls down!

The view from the other side of the wall, looking from dining area back into family room. Love those 6 ft windows! Make our 8 ft ceilings not feel so low.

70's kitchen is gone! Cabinets were in very good shape, some are going to basement storage and some are getting painted and going into the laundry room.

One large square that included 2 bathrooms, a master walk in closet and hallway/closet have all been opened up to one room!

Here is the after of all 4 areas above opened up completely. This will become 2 bathrooms.
Basement - pictures are from different angles but the paneling is gone and walls are removed.

End of bedroom hall - looking into what will be master closet. The kids doors are being moved to the end of the hall and a linen closet is going in.

The Master closet is taking over the girls bedroom closet and will be added on to make a walk in closet, since our old walk in closet will be part of the bathroom. Purple carpet unfortunately didn't make it.

Some more random pics of the helpers for our different demo days.

As the days went on, I was upgraded to a larger sledge hammer. I had to prove myself worthy.

Mr Ed is leading the charge for the demo. He retired from the construction industry and has been a huge asset! Don't let the amazing smile fool you, he is quite the salve driver :)

Our biggest injury only a few hours into our first day, 8 stitches!

My in-laws were in town the first weekend and were a huge help!

The framing should start this week, be back soon with the plan for putting it all back together!

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