Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning Reflections

Steve did an amazing job yesterday. I know I am a bias wife, but I love sitting under his teaching. He spoke about unstoppable community. We were challenged to see ourselves as the church, therefore, we are called to make disciples. Disciple making is not left up to the "church" that people attend on Sunday morning, but it is all of us, pouring into others and pointing them to Christ as we do life. Steve spoke about Paul and Timothy, stating that we each should have a Paul (someone who is pouring their wisdom into us) and a Timothy (someone we are pouring into) in our lives. At ICCC the best place for this to happen is in Community Groups. Sunday was the kick-off to the Fall Semester for community groups. I know personally, our community group has made such a difference in our lives. Moving across the country, not knowing anyone, our community group is who we do life with. You can listen to Steve's sermon here (I hope this work, first time trying).

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