Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Our quick recap of Halloween

Saturday carving pumpkins 

We hijacked (they were ok with it) a small pumpkin from our neighbors who had a bunch and she painted it

Sunday Trunk or Treat at church
Cinderbella (as she referred to herself)

showing off her pink sparkle princess shoes (thanks to the Papa Southards and Aunt Sandy who sent Halloween $ for her, she found her perfect shoes for her dress)

The best shot with the man on the move

Good news was Cinderbella was more interested in the popcorn then candy

We had about 1000 kids at the trunk or treat, it was busy! Sister was a little taken back by all the chaos

Sister and some of her friends at Trunk or Treat

Monday Night Trick or Treat and Smores on the Driveway

We didn't go trick or treating on Monday, Buster missed his morning nap so was in bed early and Sister was just content running barefoot in her dress in the driveway giving out candy and making friends smores. It was a beautiful night, kinda like a Florida Halloween.

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