Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still living

Yes, I have been MIA

We have been living, and having a lot of fun, these last few weeks but I haven't had my camera on me, so here is a quick catch-up on Team Southards

2 weekends ago one of my best friends Callie flew from sunny Florida to visit us. We ate, shopped, talked, shopped, hung out, it was a great time. Unfortunately we did not get a picture of the 2 of us, but here is her with the kids at the cider mill. 

Side note, Callie is the one who gave sister Boo when she was born. Callie had one growing up and figured sister needed one too.  I am not sure what life would be like without boo :)

I loved having her here and I am so thankful for friends like her in my life. 

The next weekend we went to the farms and visited with grandparents and family. It was opening weekend for gun season (hunting deer that is) so we made the trip down there. The kids and I hunkered down with family while the boys went out for shooting good time. Deer were killed and processed and now we have food in our freezer. Steve uses the excuse that he has to hunt to provide food for the family. I think the grocery stores sell meat as well, but if that is the excuse he needs, so be it. I am sad to say that I forgot my camera and do not have any pictures of the weekend.

Sister also got a haircut last week. She has had these terrible long straight hairs that hide her curls, so I decided to get my scissors out and try a little magic. I had no idea what I was doing but I figured I could at least give it a try and if I screwed it up, then we would pay money to get it fixed. Since she has curly hair, I felt a little more confident since "mistakes" are hidden better.
She was set up with a movie and a lollipop

BEFORE - see those long light hairs that hide the curls

AFTER - curls are large and in charge (since I have completely straight hair, I LOVE her curls)

After it was cleaned

Hiding for the picture, but you can see the curls
She then decided she would look at the camera, so I took full advantage of it.

Her most common face - the serious face




  1. My family used the visit the cider mill every fall. My Sissy Julie (aunt) gave each of us a precious stuffed animal one year when we met there. I got a blue pony, I learned how to braid on the pony's tail on the drive home. Wonderful memory! Love seeing your kiddos.

  2. That is one good fishy face!!! Love it. Love the curls and that little scarf too. :)