Saturday, December 8, 2012

30 weeks!

We are 30 weeks along in this pregnancy! I feel more myself (emotionally) then I have yet this whole pregnancy. A girlfriend yesterday even said I seemed more myself, had more energy and glow that is normal for me. Physically I am, well, I am 30 weeks prego and feeling it. I have been trying to stay active doing my boot camp (a very mini version of it) and I think I did too many squats the other day because my pelvic bone felt like it had a baseball bat taken to it. I am trying to find good exercises for the 3rd trimester, let me know if you have any!

I am so thankful for how good I feel now, especially the emotional/hormonal side. I can handle physical discomfort, the emotional part sends me for a loop. 

The other day I realized that my mind is telling me I should be having a baby any day. As Sister was due Dec 29th and Buster Dec 24th. My mind thinks "hey I am big and prego, it is Christmas time, I should be having a baby." WRONG, you have over 2 months to go!


  1. you are so cute! glad you are finally feeling like yourself.

  2. You look fantastic and so happy you are feeling like yourself now. You are quite possibly the most stylish mama I know. :-)