Sunday, December 16, 2012

Colton is 2!

Buster Bear is 2 years old!

Waffles with whip cream have become the birthday tradition in our house!

His way of showing he is 2 years old with his fingers (we are working on actually only have 2 fingers up)

Buster you are my passionate child. I used to call you bi-polar because you were either really happy or really ticked off, now I see it as passion. My prayer is God grants me wisdom to help direct that passion in the right direction.

You are all boy and I love it. You love to wrestle, to act big (showing off your muscles above), you love balls and cars. You are also my little lover boy. I would guess physical touch is your love language because you love to be held and loved on. You are a lover to others, but you sure love your momma. You are naturally more social than your sister. I love how you stand in the driveway and raise your arm to wave to cars that go by, even when they don't notice you.  

Oh trains, what else does a 2 year old boy need? I was amazed how you were so focused tonight on the trains.  Verbally you are slower then others, but physically you are above the curve. I can tell already you are a joker. It is so much fun to watch your personality grow.

One day you might hate this picture, but you are going to be surrounded by sisters, what can we say. I know there is enough boy in you that you stand your ground with all the girls around.

You sure love your sissy. You two play so well together right now. You don't stand for her pushing her way on you, but you two are a blast to watch together. You love mimicking her, even to the point that you will grab her boo and hold him like she does while sucking your fingers. You have adopted boo #2 to be your buddy to sleep with.

 Colton, I am so thankful to call you my son. You are a joy and blessing in our lives.

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