Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catching Up

We have been adjusting well here to Presley. So far transition to #3 has been much easier then #2 was, but I would attribute that mostly to the temperament of Presley compared to her big brother Colton. He was such a difficult baby that she seems easy. She is eating and sleeping well, can't ask for much more. The 2 older kids have been great with her. They both love holding her and giving her paci to her when it falls out. Colton has only head butted her once, so we are doing well :) For as aggressive as Colton is in life, he really has been so gentle to her. Payton is really taking her big sister job seriously. Payton and Colton entertain each other so much that they keep each other busy, giving me the time I need to care for Presley. My physical recovery has been the best yet, I feel great. I was concerned about my hormones post-pregnancy as they were all over the place pregnant, worse then they were any other time during any pregnancy or post-pregnancy. They have been doing great this past month as well. Overall I am very thankful. My roughest pregnancy has been my best post-pregnancy yet. Here are some pics of the kids

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  1. Oh my goodness. That first picture of Presley-those lips are adorable. Is it wrong that I am a little happy to hear that Colton head butted Presley? My oldest head buts his baby brother adn it drives me crazy!!! I'm glad to hear we aren't alone-it's such a weird thing to do, I thought my kid was a little off :)