Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Easter Sunday
We had a great Easter, amazing church service, yummy dinner with friends and absolutely gorgeous weather. Palm Sunday we had 10 inches of snow on the ground, Easter Sunday kids were barefoot, what a difference a week makes (especially living in the Midwest). Steve preached Easter morning, he BROUGHT the message. You can listen to it HERE

On the way to church Palm Sunday
We had our Spring Fest on Palm Sunday, needless to say it wasn't very well attended as people stayed home and didn't venture out in the snow. Our kids got up and sang with Rockin Rob, I was impressed Payton did this as she usually doesn't like attention. Buster on the other hand, will most likely be our class clown. He got up later in the morning all by himself and sang in front of the whole crowd. 

Steve preaching
Kids table

Kids ready for egg hunt, can you tell my 2 were making sure neither one of them started early

Ava Bell finding her egg


Mike and Lillian Maysen

Kids hunting eggs

The McNeil family

The McAtee family

The Zimmers

Our new Youth Pastor Trent and his wife Jess, Easter was their first Sunday here, they moved from GA and we are so excited to have them.

We had a few more friends who I didn't get a picture of. Easter used to be so hard for me because it felt like everyone else had family besides us, so I started hosting Easter for those who don't have family here and we have a great time every year. I would love to live near my family, but that isn't our reality, so we enjoy our "family" here.

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