Friday, April 12, 2013

There will be a day when...

There will be a day when...

My husband comes home from work and we can sit and talk uniterrupted

I will be able to take as long as I want to get dressed

I won't be woken up at night for feedings, diapers or nightmares

My house will be clean

My laundry will be caught up (well that might one might not happen)

I can make dinner without tripping over toys or children

I won't feel like a servant cooking and cleaning up ALL day long

I can decorate how I want without worrying which 2 hands will see this as an object to throw

My kitchen floors won't be covered in crumbs (only reason I want a dog)

I won't hear the arguing in the back seat

I won't be the mom of "that child" having the public meltdown

I won't have to dress little bodies, tie shoes and carry a bunch of coats in the winter

I can run errands whenever I want without figuring out how to keep multiple little bodies near me or who can watch them

I will be able to sit and read a book or magazine without interruption

I won't have a closet full of different size clothes that fluctuate with my body weight from babies

I can exercise without having to work around feeding schedules so I don't have full boobs knocking me out while I run/move

I will have an actual waist again

I won't have to referee the hair pulling

I can have a date night with my husband without the logistics of who watches the kids

My day won't revolve around nap schedules

But there will be a day I miss...

Little hands holding mine

Big eyes on sweet faces that think I know everything

Afternoons watching them run free at the park

Excitement all over their faces

Contagious laughter

Watching my uninhibited children using their imagination for all sorts of things

Sweetly rocking my baby to sleep

Nurturing a body on breast milk alone

Cuddling and reading books together

Having the ability to heal boo boo's with kisses and hugs alone

Them wanting to be near me at all times

Feeling my unborn child move inside me

Watching them play and make up games together

Watching them defend each other to other kids

Them thinking I am cool

My husband and I sitting on the couch watching them play

Watching my 2-year-old be a BOY 

Laughing inside as my 4-year-old tries to use words she has heard but doesn't know the meaning of

Feeling like I can still protect them from this world

Listening to their innocent prayers and view of God

There are seasons of life. 

Every season has it's good days and bad.

Today I feel like I can't catch up with life.

This is my reminder that this season doesn't last forever and I am so thankful for the wonderful things I experience now.

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  1. I can surely appreciate this. We are so tired these days, but I'll be so sad when our little baby isn't a little baby anymore.

    I actually came to this post because I was reading a random link I found on the internet and thought I recognized your kids. Check out this link-the laundry basket shot.