Monday, January 19, 2015


In the last month we have celebrated Colton's 4th and Payton's 6th birthdays. Since as Payton so pointedly told Colton that he doesn't have any friends in Ohio yet we opted for family celebrations this year. Both kids got breakfast out on their birthday alone with mom and dad. We had talked up going to Scene 75 (an amazing indoor entertainment center) for his birthday. We really talked it up since we weren't doing a party. The night of Colton's birthday we pulled into Scene 75 only to find out it was closed. We couldn't believe it! If we hadn't been talking about it all week it might not have been that big of deal . Thankfully he was a good sport and we ended up over at Sam's and got cupcakes. Just this past week we finally made it back to Scene 75 to celebrate both kids and they had a blast. We had our friends the Boots join us for the celebration. Payton also got to ride the saddle at Texas Roadhouse for her birthday. We were in Anderson for the day visiting with Uncle Benny and Papa and Gigi.

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  1. I have enjoyed catching up with you since we last said goodbye. I am so glad that settling in has gone so well. It is great to see Pay Pay in her uniform as I too had to wear a uniform and did not enjoy the attire. We will miss seeing you on our visits to Olathe. Hugs from Florida. M