Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Payton has been loving school here. She has told us that school is her favorite thing about Ohio. She has a wonderful teacher and nice small class (only 10 kids). I wasn't sure how she would do with wearing a uniform since the girl has her own style, surprisingly she has loved wearing a uniform and getting dressed in the morning is much easier. 

Colton started school after the first of the year. We had a few snow days so he started a week later than originally planned. He too loves school here. We are so thankful for the great schools for both kids. Both the preschool and the academy are housed at our church, so Steve drives the kids in to school each day (Colton only T/Th). I have enjoyed my alone time with sweet Presley Rae while the big kids are in school and Steston is napping.

Here are some other recent pics

Kids got an indoor trampoline for Christmas and they have loved it!

Colton's first day of school Presley insisted her get herself ready for school too

The kid who only wanted to wear gym shorts and no shirt has now decided he likes "church" shirts with his gym shorts.

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