Monday, May 25, 2015

Getting outside and Riding Horses

I know I didn't post much after our move to Ohio and during the winter months. That was mostly because I wasn't sure I needed to report that we sat inside most of the winter and hibernated. We moved to a new place and had started making some friends and I had some playdates, but our calendar was pretty clear and we did the same thing every day. Needless to say, we are so thankful for the warmer weather so we can get outside and start exploring Ohio. Moving to a new place provides opportunity for new adventures. 

So we have been getting outside more and yesterday was one of the most exciting days for Payton since we moved here because she finally got to ride a horse. We have new friends Josh and Shala that were in our Life Group and when we first met Shala this winter, Payton learned that Shala used to show horses when she was younger and her parents still had horses. Shala has 2 little boys and she told Payton she would love to take a little girl out on her horse Mack. Payton has really loved the idea of horses for a few years and we looked into lessons that but they were really pricey and we weren't sure about spending that much money on something we weren't even sure if she would like.  She was elated that yesterday she finally got to ride Mack. All the kids enjoyed him.

We have also been exploring different parks, fishing at friends homes, and taking walks and getting rewarded by cops for wearing helmets.

Presley thinks she needs her shirt off right now when the boys have their shirts off.

Payton has 4 days of school left then we head to Florida for our Wiens family beach vacation. We are so excited for summer. We have a lot of fun trips planned and we love being outside!

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