Friday, May 1, 2015

Going "Home"

This past weekend Steve and I went different ways across the country to our own "old" homes. Steve sent me to Florida with only Stetson to give me a little down time without all the kids and he took the older 3 to Missouri to go turkey hunting.

He spent some time in St. Louis at his parents and then headed down to one of the family farms to hunt. He got to visit with all four of his grandparents while home. Granny Coats has not been doing well and has lost her eye sight, so he was thankful to spend time with her. Unfortunately Papa Southards is not doing well either and was in the hospital while Steve was at the farm. He was so so thankful to really have some great conversations and time with his Papa as we do not know how much longer Papa has. Oh and he did kill a turkey himself and call one in for his little brother. The kids got to run and play outside and shoot their new BB gun.

This dog just showed up at the farm while they were there, no one had seen it before. It was the sweetest thing and Payton kept asking to take it home to Ohio.

Papa (Steve's dad) treated Colton to "his" steakhouse
While in Florida I had no agenda, mostly relax, enjoy family and the warm sunshine. I got to spend some precious time with my 93-year-old grandma. My older brother and his kids came over one day but otherwise I went on a lot of walks, shopped and ate yummy food. It was just what I needed. Stetson got more attention that a #4 kid usually gets.

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