Saturday, November 21, 2009

Farm Trip

Team Southards headed to Papa and Granny Southards Farm this week. Steve has been wanting to get some hunting in with Papa and was really wanting me to kill my first deer. After hearing about me hunting with Steve for 5 years, I joined him in the tree stand.

The first morning we were there, Steve killed a 9 pointer. It was the largest one he has killed on the Southards farm.

That night Steve and I went out in the woods. I was in the stand for about 10 minutes and realized I was looking more into the sky watching birds instead of looking on the ground for deer. I got bored pretty quickly. My wise husband decided we should go walk through the woods and "stalk" dear. I was walking holding the gun imagining myself in some old time war, walking through the woods. My mind was trying to stay entertained. Needless to say, we only saw 2 dear that night as they were running away from us.

I need to add a side note here. While following my husband around the woods, in our camo, I had to laugh to myself. I always imagined my riding in a golf cart around the golf course with my husband, in our polo, on a nice warm day. Here I was, wearing huge coveralls, camo jacket, holding a gun, following my husband around the woods on a cold day, so cold that I had to have a hot hands in my gloves to keep my hands warm. Not the original picture I imagined, but Steve is more than I could have imagined for a husband, so I take the country boy in him!
The next evening was really "warm," in the 50's is now warm for this girl. I enjoyed not being weighed down by all the extra clothes and accessories for the cold weather. We got into my father-in-laws stand and waited. Steve was making fun of me because I was sitting in the stand with my bright white running shoes with orange deflectors hanging down. He was so glad we got covered ourselves in camo for me to add the bright white shoes. Needless to say, me and my running shoes waited for a deer. There was a 4-wheeler on the property next to us and it scared a deer out of the woods towards it. Long story short, the deer came towards us and I had a quick window to lay it down, and I lined up my shot (no scope, mind you) and took my chances. I dropped the deer in it's tracks. It didn't take another step. I thought it was a doe, but as we got down (Steve had to assure me that it was dead and wasn't going to jump up and get me) and went up to the deer, we found out it was a button-buck. I used Steve's 30-30 (not sure what that means, but it was a big gun for me and made a loud noise, not too much kick though) and that was the gun he used to kill his first deer that was a button-buck.

Here are the picture to prove it. I don't believe I am going to make a hobby out of hunting, but it was a fun thing to do with my husband.

Some other fun pictures of our farm time!

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  1. So proud of you girl! You red neck woman you! LOL! Sounds like fun!