Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Too Cheap?

Happy Wednesday Before Thanksgiving Everyone!

Steve and I are headed to St. Louis to spend Thanksgiving with his family. It is a 4 hour drive, we are thankful to have family within driving distance. I rule in my rulebook is you don't decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. It drives me crazy that people have had lights up for weeks! Well I have broken my own rule. Since we will be gone this weekend (Saturday after Thanksgiving is usually when I decorate) I decided to get a little jump start on the decorating. No tree yet, but most of the decorations have changed from Orange and Yellows, to red.

I changed my wreath on my front door. This is where I question if I am too cheap. I had a Letter "S" that I painted orange hanging with my fall wreath. I love having the initial, so I decided I wanted to use it for Christmas. I thought that I would cover the letter with wrapping paper instead of paying a $1.50 for a new "S". WHAT A PAIN. After I completed it, I decided I should have bought a new letter, painted in green, then done some paper, not worrying about orange showing through. I thought I would save money and take off the wrapping paper and use the orange again later. The end result was acceptable, but too much work to get there. Check out the pics. I love the wrapping paper. It was from World Market a couple years ago %90 off!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. It looks great! I'm with you and usually wait until after Thanksgiving to put up my decorations, but did it the week before this year because, like you, we were going to be out of town.