Monday, June 18, 2012

18 month Buster

Little man turned 18 months this past weekend. The words I use to describe him the most right now is "little stinker." That is what he is. It is so fun to watch his personality come out. He usually loves the camera and attention. He really has one of the best "cheese" smiles I have seen on a little kid. For this photo session he wasn't in a smiling mood, so you get to see the other side and his faces of disgust (which are just as stinkin cute to me).

He is Mr Lover and tough guy all in the same minute. He loves to cuddle, kiss and hug. He sure loves his momma's arms. But he also loves playing rough with daddy. If Steve is anywhere near the floor, Buster will run over and tackle him with all his might. Steve will sometimes yell funny things or make loud noises for fun, and Buster has started raising his voice back to him, almost like I am Man, hear my roar. 

He is a finger sucker, I so don't look forward to what that is going to do to his teeth one day, can we say buck teeth :(

He loves wearing his "Ha." He wants it on all the time while we are outside. The boy could play with a ball all day long. He just loves throwing balls and running after them.  He is very coordinated and has a great arm for his age, he is very deliberate in his throwing.

He wants to be "outsi" (outside) all the time. He would eat every meal out there if I let him. He has had all his teeth (except 2 year molars) for a month.

We are now coming into the pictures of the other side of him.

He is a hitter, we are trying to teach him the appropriate things to hit. He has started having tantrums and I have to try and not laugh at them. When he gets mad he starts making these deep noises of disgust, then goes to another room, either hits the wall with his hand or head while yelling, then returns to our presence. I will take those tantrums any day over what Sister used to do at that age. 

He isn't a big talker. He makes a lot of noises, just not organized noises. He probably has 20 or so words that I can understand, but we are adding more every week. When we try to get him to say certain words (mimic us) he just looks at us like we are idiots. He says the words he wants (ball being his favorite) but points and grunts a lot. I laugh because he just made up a few sign language words in the past few months. Most kids are moving away from sign language to verbal words, not my little man, he is now ready to sign :)

He is unbelievably outgoing. Sister has been trained to be social, but she is more of an observer and is fine in the background. Buster likes center stage. He waves to everyone, has gone through the airport giving total strangers knucks (pouncing the fist) and really loves everyone. He also loves on everyone. He will give anyone a kiss. 

He loves his "sissy or dayday." They really do play very well together. He is starting to be able to play alongside her, even though she does get annoyed at his antics at times. He is an instigator. If he sees her playing with a toy, as soon as she puts it down for a second, he grabs it and runs away laughing, while looking over his shoulder at her. 

 He has captured his mother's heart. 

His sister thinks he is pretty cool too

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