Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear Baby Stevie-
      Oh sweet baby of mine, today (June 25th) was your due date. My heart aches that I will not hold you this side of heaven. What a sweet thought to know that 5 months ago the first person you ever saw when you opened your eyes was the precious face of Jesus. There is no better place to be, wrapped in the arms of the one who created you. Thankfully, you will never face the pains of this earth, but unfortunately your family will never enjoy your laughter and smile. 

This month has been hard for me. I knew this day was approaching and I have had some tough days. I don't think I got to fully mourn your loss when we lost you because my health was so at risk. Now that I am healthy, I am more aware of our loss. Beautiful healthy babies are being born this week all around me. It is a reminder of what we will not experience with you on this earth.

Your daddy and sister referred to you as "Baby Stevie" while you were growing inside of me. That name has stuck and you will be forever Baby Stevie. I really believe in my heart that you are a girl, one day we will know.

I know you are playing in heaven and I believe one day I will see your smile, wrap my arms around you and smother you with kisses. I look forward to that day.

I love you-
Your mommy


  1. I have been holding your family near as I knew your due date was approaching. Thinking of and praying for you!

  2. You guys are in my prayers, Erin. I'm doing Believing God at my house with a group of 13 women on Monday evenings. One of the gals opened up last week and shared her heartwrenching story of first learning her little girl would be Down's syndrome, to having to carry her for a month knowing she would most likely not be born alive. She was 5 months along and delivered Miss Sydney, but they never got to bring her home. That was 1 1/2 years ago and she's still dealing with why and know all the emotions she has.....Praise God she has a 3 yr old little boy who is healthy. We prayed as a group over her last week and 3 of the gals had never prayed out loud in a group before! It was so amazing!! We felt God's presence so strong! I KNOW He will help her and comfort her and give her the peace she's seeking.
    I want to show her this sweet letter....I know it will help her. Thanks for sharing:)
    Praise God you have recovered from your health issues and you have such a beautiful family. Praying for comfort and peace for you as well.
    Love your sweet family pic.
    God Bless, my friend:)

  3. Beautiful blog post Erin.. So great to have the gift of knowing our babies are safe, in capable arms, and that Good bye is NOT forever..