Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We have worked hard to train our kids to be good sleepers. Sister was pretty easy and a naturally better sleeper than her brother. He had a really rough start, but came around. We have been having some sleep issues with little man recently. He has decided that his new wake-up time is 5:45am (or somewhere near there, the last 2 mornings has been 5am). That doesn't work for us. I love getting up early, but not to hang with my children.

We have tried everything I can think of. I have read my go-to books on sleep (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and Babywise). We have tried 1 nap instead of 2 (he still takes 2 naps in the day, so I thought maybe he was sleeping too much in the day) we have tried going to bed later and earlier (most books say if they wake up early they often need to go to bed earlier, kids are backwards from adults). We have covered his window to make sure the room stayed dark. He wakes up crying which means he is not fully rested. There have been about 3 days over the last 2 months that he does wake up around 7 and he wakes up talking and happy. I took him to the doctor to make sure nothing was wrong physically with him. He is so fussy all morning until nap too because he is so tired.

I kept waiting for the "stage" to pass. I have learned that often I get all worked up about something, and in a week it is gone. Well we have been going at this for over 2 months. We don't get him out of his crib until at least 6:30am (he often makes noises or cries on and off) as we don't want him used to getting up. So here we are with no answers and a little guy who thinks the party starts early.

Anyone have any ideas?

Sister is starting to figure things out. When she turned 3 it became her responsibility to make her own bed each day. She has a queen bed, so it is a big job for her. The last few weeks she has asked if she can either sleep on top of the covers or make a "campout" on the floor so she doesn't have to make her bed. That was good enough problem solving for me that we let her do it. So she has successfully figured out how to get out of her first real chore. Come winter, she will probably head back under the covers, as her bedroom is the coldest in the house.

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