Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrating Life

We just got back from being gone 2 weeks to Colorado.

There will be another post about that soon.

Right before we left, a couple girlfriends and I hosted a shower for our dear friend Candice and her sweet little girl Mayson Avery. Mayson is Ethan's little sister (who happens to be one of Payton's BFF).

Mayson is a little miracle, she tried entering the world almost 2 months early. On Easter, Candice went into labor and the doctors tried everything to stop her. She progressed to a 6 very quickly, even on medication to prevent contractions. The Zimmers are well loved and connected to so many people at our church. The prayer warriors came out, praying for this baby to stay in as long as possible.  

Long, long story short, we believe God stopped those contractions and Candice was sent home on bedrest a week after entering the hospital. She had been dilated to a 6 at one point, and when they sent her home, she was a 3. Doctors can't describe that!

Little stubborn girl must have decided the womb was ok after all, as she had to be induced and brought out. At first they couldn't stop her from coming, then she decided she didn't want to come out after all. We are so thankful for her health. Amy wrote a great blog post with greater details on how God worked in the situation.

A few pics from the shower

The ladies of honor

Amy and Brandie help host the shower

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