Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eating our way through KC

This past weekend Steve and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. Our actual Anniversary was Tuesday the 16th, but we had friends who took our kids overnight, so we enjoyed a little "Stay-cation." I was still recovering from flu like symptoms and it was cold and rainy all weekend, so we are glad we didn't have major plans, we did what I love most, ate out a lot and napped in the cold rain.

Steve was gracious to let me choose where we ate, as he has many more lunch meetings out and gets to eat at his favorite places often, and the kids and I don't have many lunches out at all, and if we do get to treat ourselves out, it is usually Chick-fil-a.

So here are some of my top places to eat in KC (in the order we ate at them).

The Chicken and Asparagus is my favorite 

Their Five Star Cheese Pizza on Honey Whole Wheat crust is my absolutely favorite pizza anywhere!
Five Star Cheese
International blend of provolone, feta, Monterey Jack, Romano and Swiss cheeses with alfredo sauce, sprinkled with Rosemary

This was the first time we ate here and the following skillet stole my heart and made me want to go back. I even had leftovers the next day and it tasted as good.
Diced ham, bacon and hollandaise sauce on a bed of ranch potatoes with melted cheese and two eggs any style. Served with an English muffin. (I substituted for fruit cup)

We had a groupon here and I have been wanting some good old manicotti and they did not disappoint


 We ended the weekend in the woods hunting together. We didn't see any deer, but it was a beautiful evening and since I haven't been in the woods in almost 3 years with Steve, I know he enjoyed having me there. He knows I won't go out in the cold, so this was probably his last chance to get me out.

Thanks to our friends who watched our kids so we could have some husband and wife time!

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  1. Love your camo!:) Happy Anniversary to you two! xoxo