Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Weeks

Last Friday I was 30 weeks prego! I am starting to get big. The best words I have heard recently were from the Airline steward who thought my belly was so small for being 30 weeks. I don't feel that, I have started to get uncomfortable, but they were sweet words to hear.

I just returned from an amazing trip to the NW to visit Steph in Portland. This was taken on the Pacific coast, more pictures to come soon!


  1. Really love this picture! I'm so thankful for your visit and your always encouraging spirit. It was so GOOD to have you here. :)

  2. That picture is amazing!!! Kudos to whoever took it. When you were teaching last night I was actually thinking about how awesome you look. I thought, "I hope I can look like Erin when I'm pregnant!!" On a side're already 30 weeks?!

  3. Sweeter than someone asking you how far over due you are! And someone from church at that!! You do look lovely.

  4. Aaaah you were here to see my SWEET beautiful cousin - you do look beautiful! I had heard you were coming for a visit! I enjoy your blog....thanks for letting me 'sneak' into your life! I am SO lucky to have such an amazing cousin who surrounds herself with incredilbe people! Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy! ~Nikki