Tuesday, October 5, 2010

St. Louis Visit and 10 year reunion

This past weekend we made a trip to St. Louis for Steve's 10 year reunion. 

We went over on Thursday and were able to make a Cardinals game with my father-in-law while my Mother-in-law stayed home and watched Payton. They had fun Gigi and Payton time and we had a blast at the game.
Friday we hung out as a family, picnic in the park and relaxing.  Steve kept saying that he wanted to take us to one of his favorite stores growing up called Benjamin Franklin. I had heard of the craft store, but couldn't for the life of my figure out why he would like to go to craft stores. We opened the door and I didn't even have to put my foot in the door to see why he loved this store

Steve and Payton were in heaven. I could imagine Steve as a little boy wandering up and down the isle making his decision how to best spend his $1.  

Friday night we were able to watch a great homecoming football game. It was fun to watch Ben taking guys down on the field.  I unfortunately wasn't the best about taking pictures throughout the whole weekend.

Saturday evening was Steve's 10 year reunion.  We had fun, he caught up with old friends, laughed about old stories and I met a few people then found a booth with some of our friends from Olathe (she graduated with Steve) and her husband and I watched football and ate great food.  I was proud to be the wife of Steve Southards!

Cleaned up for the reunion, I even curled my hair!

Papa and Gigi with Payton

The family in black

We drove home Saturday night/Sunday morning to make it home for Indian Creek's 25th Anniversary. We started out 4 hour drive across MO at 11pm, getting home a little before 3am. Taking turns praying, sleeping, driving, and consuming caffeine and sugar, we made it home safely.
We had a wonderful celebration on Sunday for the church's 25th Anniversary. We had a party with a purpose, our goal was to bless others while we celebrated. We wanted to collect 25,000 meals for local food pantries, how amazing that we doubled our goal with having over 50,000 meals collected. We had to find more local food pantries to house all of the food. I love seeing God's people help meet needs in a practical way!


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  1. HECK YES! Who knew me and Steve shared a love of Benjamin Franklin lol! When I was little, me and all my friends in our neighborhood would ride our bikes to our local Benjamin Franklin and pick out candy with our allowances. Their candy pieces used to be like 1 penny a piece...such a fun childhood memory so I totally understand Steve's passion! :)