Saturday, December 17, 2011

Buster is 1!

*** Here is your warning, there is an abundance of pictures of my son, I completely understand not everyone finds him as adorable as his mother, no offense if you scroll through quickly ***

Buster Brown, Little man, Brother bear, Colton David Southards has turned 1 years old! (Yesterday Dec 16th). Many people have stated how this year has gone so quickly and I agree. After his first few months of an extremely rough start, he has been such a joy. 

12 month stats:
- weighs 20.5 pounds (20% bracket)
- Loves saying Dadda and Mama
- Cruising and will walk holding hands, but no steps by himself yet
- Loves "cheesing" is for the camera (as you can see by all the pictures)
- Loves showing off his tongue
- Loves going up and down stairs all by himself
- Eats well - loves meat and grapes - eats a big breakfast and lunch
- Still feeds from mommy morning, early afternoon and night
- A great sleeper - sleeps 12 hours at night and take two good naps (we had to work on him waking early somewhere in the 5 or 6 o'clock hour - he is finally going until at least 7)
- Has 6 teeth
- Sucks 2 fingers backwards - never took to any sort of lovey
- Loves playing with balls, always has one in his hand
- Sister is starting to get more annoyed with him because he is in to a lot more of her stuff

He is naturally outgoing. He is happiest with people around. When we are in public, he lights up at anyone who gives him attention. People often ask "is he always that happy?" He has two modes, really really happy, and really ticked off. For a month or so he has been in a phase that from 4-7pm he wants to be held all the time. He will literally drag himself on my leg crying large tears and whining if I don't hold him. I really try to sit and play and give him attention (and hold him) but I can't hold him for 3 hours as I have dinner to make during that time. I am lost on how to handle it. So yes, he is mostly really happy, but if he isn't getting the attention he wants, he is pretty ticked off.

Another side note (more for my memory) he went through a phase for about 4 months where he hated baths. As a little guy, he loved them. Then one day he fell face first in the water and that was it for him. He would scream every time he came near the water. Just the last few weeks, I have been able to slowly get him in the water to the point where he is happy and now enjoys baths again.

Happy Birthday my Son!


  1. I love that he scrunches up his nose when he smiles! What a cutie! Happy Birthday, little man!

  2. He is so cute,Erin. His smile makes me smile!

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  4. Happy Birthday Colton! You also have some pretty cute girls next door who had their 1st birthday today! Erin, those 3 are going to have so much fun playing together!