Saturday, December 31, 2011

Play room make-over

This post was created over a month ago but never got posted, hence the Christmas manager, but better late than never :)

Well the play room is finally done. It has pretty much been done for a few months, I just hadn't gotten pictures on the wall and didn't want to post without them. I tend to get projects 95% done, then not post about them because I want the final 5% complete. This room is the immediately on your right when you walk in our home. Most people have it as a formal dining, we always had it as a sitting room. I had resisted a play room, but finally came to the conclusion that we have little children who need room to play and an organized play room works and looks better that chaos all over the house. So here is the transformation of the room in the 3.5 years we have lived here.

When we first moved in with plain walls

After allowing paint to bring life to the room

The last look before the play room took over

The Play Room

The lighting still leaves something to be desired, but I am going to paint lamps once the weather warms and would love to get another overhead light once we actually own the house. 

My goal was organization, hence the wicker ottoman, the baskets and the cube system, all full of toys 

The kid's nativity made it to the top shelf for the holidays after finding it spread all over the house multiple times a day

The "couch" was my old crib that my brothers and I used. It was missing hardware and would cost a lot to be safe to use as a crib so I was ready to get rid of it until I saw an idea to use is as a couch. 

10 cans of spray paint later (it really needed more I had already gone to the store twice during the painting process and was over it, should have primed it first)

The table and chairs were a garage sale find for $20, a little clean-up and white paint, and we were good to go.

Another full view. I have already actually moved the furniture around to a few configurations. I loved having the table and chairs out in the middle of room (so you can use all 4 chairs) and I had the crib in the corner, allowing more access to 4 sides of the kitchen (another cheap garage sale find) but like having the room open for little man to crawl around and daddy to wrestle the kids. If we have more friends over, I just pull the table and chairs out.

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  1. Looks great! You have such great decorating ideas. I never would of thought to paint that crib red, but it looks great! And I LOVE the Airplane rocker! Where did you find that?