Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking back and looking forward

The stinkin stud catching a sea turtle while shark fishing, he is quite amazing - for the animal activist, the turtle found it's way to his hook, and after fight, gratefully there was a successful release
My husband is a goal setting, intentional stud. His gift of being strategic, is amazing. When we were dating (not even engaged, just dating) we had a mission statement and values for our dating relationship, that was all him. He is purposeful in what he does. His mind is just wired that way. He is great about looking back at the previous year in review and making changes or "goals" for the new year. Of course, the goals have categories, that would only be appropriate to focus the goal setting session. He actually has a monthly review he does on his spiritual, personal and professional life. I have a specific journal that I use only for goals and year end review. The first few pages also have life goals that fall into the specific categories as well. I have been doing it since 2008 and each year I not only look back at the previous year, but also quickly look over every year in the journal. It is a great reminder of where I have struggled, where I have grown and the journey that I have been on.  

I will give you the logistics of what I do, then fill in the personal details for me in another post. I first reflect on the 5 categories and the goals I set in each of them. I notate which goals I reached and maybe some details. The categories are:

(breakdown goals for each family member and family at large)

(literally how I take care of my body physically and challenges for myself)
(things I want to experience, some of my "creative" outlet falls here as well)

(areas I want to be intentional in influencing others, spiritual goals fall in here for me as well)
(where would I love to go)

After I read through the previous years goals and notate how I did, I read my journal entries (from my regular, daily life journal) from the whole previous year and I write down highlights, lowlights, themes and other big stuff down in my goal journal. This is a great way to have a quick review of a year and what I experienced, struggled with, areas of growth, etc. 

Then I go back and set goals for the new year in each of the categories listed above. I often look at my life goals and see if any of them could be a reality that year, or maybe something I do could to be a step in the right direction.

So that is the logistics, I encourage you to do something, it can "formal and strategic" (thanks to husband) like what I do, or a simple couple goals for the new year. But write things down, reflect on where you have come and where you are going. For me it has made a huge difference in my personal growth.

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