Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 and 2012

My last POST I shared the "How To" for my year-end review and goal setting for each year. Let me break it down for me personally (I always like seeing how things play out personally, I relate better to that then just some "How To".

Well this year I didn't follow the format :) I did my "30 before Thirty" goals, which were more than enough to keep me busy for the year, so this past year I broke the rules (I like breaking appropriate rules). This year is also different because as I reviewed how I have been doing with my 30 before Thirty goals, I still have 2 months to finish them. There are some goals I won't be able to reach, I am ok with that. Here are the few goals I will focus on that I realistically may reach in the next 2 months.

2. Sew something for myself
3. Use an electric saw to make something
5. Play a soccer game
6. paint an "artist" piece
8. go to a museum
11. make wedding photo book
20. write a letter to each immediate family member
21. reupholster chair
23. make sushi (this might have to be something else since I can't have raw fish)

My review of my journal from 2011
(I kinda laugh to myself, because many blogs I read showed the review of their best projects from 2011, my life didn't involve many fun projects, my life this past year has been focused on the people in my life)
  • The first half of the year I was exhausted, Colton was very difficult, screaming the first 2 months of his life, Steve's scary back injury, Payton being 2, the flu going through our house twice during all this chaos, Payton's broken arm, and my body and hormones recovering while worn out. 
  • The second half of the year my journal entries reflect such contentment in life. I was so thankful for my life, the people in it, and the place I call home.
  • June - I spent time thinking of why I am different because the Lord is in my life. I don't have a major turnaround in my life as in giving up addiction or radical life change, but through reflection and prayer I became aware and so grateful for His work in my life. (I might do a whole post on these things, because it is that important)
  • July- I was once again reminded that my way isn't the right way. This is especially true in my view of parenting. I love the topic of parenting, I read books all the time on the subject, I discuss it with people. But as in many areas of life, there are many ways to do the same thing. What works for me, might not work for others. My viewpoint isn't always right. This is a great lesson to learn in many areas of life and I am so thankful for growth in this area, it has released me from what could be considered a judgmental spirit.
  • This year big decisions were made (through prayer and fasting) on our rental house in Florida. We have put it on the market and pray the Lord's favor in releasing us from this home. This home has been a thorn in our side, but at the same time has kept us so dependent on the Lord, because we can not control it.

2012 Goals

  • intentionally build him up with my words in front of others (especially the kids)
  • the year of sex (not going to go into too many details here, hello his mom and grandma do read the blog) - I really want to focus on not using excuses of tired and pregnant for not having sex. Mom's of young kids and babies know how exhausting it can be to be pulled on and sucked on all day from kiddos, that you really don't want another person physically all over you once the kids are asleep. That isn't going to fly anymore, my relationship with my husband (all aspects) is the most important relationship (beside the Lord) and there can always be excuses, I want to purposefully not use them.
  • sticky note prayers (you exchange sticky notes on Monday morning with areas you need prayer for that week)
  • find specific ways to challenge/love/discipline/train her as an individual and remember she is     just a 3 year old.
  • find balance in the freedom to be a boy and explore with safety and boundaries
  • parent him differently than Payton
  • still time to cuddle with him even with baby #3 (he loves cuddle time with momma)
Baby #3
  • patience, the baby phase is exactly that, a phase
  • love and attachment
  • return to weight of 125-130
  • continue working out until end of pregnancy and return as soon as possible 
  • go through a home tour (leftover from 30 before Thirty)
  • take piano lessons
  • give birth naturally (unless outside of my control) 
  • prayerfully prepare for IYC talk
  • weekly pray for and encourage one person in our community group
  • maintain quarterly "ladies @ the creek" (pastor's wives of ICCC)
  • memorize the book of James (my Beth Moore study this Spring is based on James)
  • Florida and lake house (possibly CO depending on babies arrival) 

Well that's all folks! I do not live some amazing adventurous life, my life right now is so focused on others, on the people that are important to me and the ones that are important to God. I want to be a healthy individual (spiritually, physically, emotional, mentally) so I can in turn love on others out of a place of health.  

What are your goals for 2012? Is it going to be a New year, or just Another year?

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