Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mommy, can we cuddle?

This little stinker suddenly wants to cuddle. Miss Independent, let me be by myself, no you can't rock me when I am a baby, now wants to have cuddle time ... everyday. 

I love it! 

I think it might have to do with a little guy who likes to cuddle, and she has realized that it is nice to have mommy's arm around you. So whether it be early in the morning (like the picture above) or after nap (it does seem to take place after sleeping), Sister likes to crawl up in my lap and enjoy the attention. I try my best to put down whatever I am doing and sit and soak the precious time with her.

Recently, she has really been cracking me up. She seems to have matured overnight. She is witty, her memory amazes me, her problem solving and deductive reasoning has taken off. She speaks like she is older. She is just plain fun.

Now she is also still very independent, I will do it my way, I think I am in charge, I am starting to really sass my mommy girl.  She is sensitive as well. I have lost my cool a few times these past few days and she starts to cry if I raise my voice. It is good accountability for me, as I apologize for raising my voice but still explain what she has done to be so frustrating.  I am praying the hard work and consistency of training will pay off one day. 

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