Friday, April 15, 2011

The Purple People Eater

It is official, Payton fractured her elbow. Good news is the Dr said, "if you are going to fracture your arm, this is a good one to have." We spent the morning at Children's Mercy Hospital downtown KC. Thank you to our neighbor Sara who kept Colton so both mom and dad could focus on sister. The staff was great, and we were thankful it was just a fracture. We have spent more time in Dr's offices this year already then we have any other year to date. Steve and I are so grateful for the health of our children. Today we thought about our family (SIL Jaime with my nephew Anderson) and friends (The McNeils with the twins who are now in 2 different hospitals) who have had so much time in and out of hospitals for some major health issues with their kiddos. Again, we are so thankful for "just a fracture."

Waiting in the lobby to be called

The Dr was great, we got new x-rays and she could see the fracture right away. She decided to go with this type of cast because they can peel it off, no saw needed. The saw to get the casts off can scare little kids out of their skin

She got her cast on about 11am. She wasn't allowed to eat since midnight, just in case they needed to do surgery. She could care less about the cast going on, she was just ready to eat. It was a good distraction.
Good news is the cast is waterproof, so we are good to go swimming when we go to Florida in a week!

She wanted Pink (her new favorite color), unfortunately the type of cast she got didn't come in pink, so they wrapped pink tape on for the effect.

She really didn't want her picture taken

Didn't see me coming around the corner, sneaky mommy :)

This afternoon she kept saying she couldn't do certain things. It will take a bit to get used to using 1 hand for many tasks. When we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner she didn't seem to be slowed down, she was set to climb in the play area.

Playing at chick-fil-a

Her Papa and Granny Southards (Steve's grandparents) wanted to get her a treat, so we took her for "pink" (strawberry) ice-cream and are going to let her pick out a toy tomorrow

She did a great job today, now we just adjust to life with 1 good arm. I am sure as each day passes she will get more confident using her 1 arm. We have this bad boy on for 1 month. Now I just need to go get a few shirts that have arm holes big enough for the cast. 

Thanks for all the prayers for us, we appreciate the support so much.

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  1. Poor thing! It looks like she is already figuring out how to get around and get things done with her arm in the cast though. I love the pink accents!