Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back around

We are back, not sure how many people really missed me, but my "break" is over.  So what have we been up to the 3 weeks (here you go in a nutshell with pictures of the kiddos included for your viewing pleasure, because they are much cuter than me and the grandparents like seeing them)....

- we went to Indiana for Steve's cousin Todd's wedding. We had a great trip and wonderful time with family. Long drive with 2 little one's especially since Colton isn't the best car rider, but none-the-less, we had a great time. Payton danced for 3.5 hours, she was so fun to watch, we hadn't really seen her that outgoing in public, she was quite the center of attention

I have a difficult time getting Colton to smile for a picture, Steve took this during our trip to Indiana when we made a rest stop. The little guy has the cutest smile and smiles a lot!

- We got back from Indiana and had decided to tackle potty training. Payton cognitively understands everything about the process, she will even proceed to tell me how to go to the bathroom so I decided we would go for it. We took the boot camp approach, and after 2 days we had to put a sudden stop to it when she woke up with a 102 fever and an UTI! Poor thing, she was rough off, then she got a bad cough that didn't allow her to sleep for almost a week. We were a tired house!

Picture not taken during rough time but taken a few days ago

- Payton passed along whatever she had to me. I have had sinus issues for a week and a half, with a full head of nonsense and pressure and pain. I am still trying to get over this.

Mr. Cool, we are working on spiking the hair with our baby lotion :)

- Last weekend we went to the lake. (while I was sick, better to be sick at the lake than at home). We had a great time. I completely forgot my camera but Payton was too cute walking around with her life vest, rainboots and fishing pole, spending the whole time outdoors with daddy. They fished and went out on the boat (she even got to drive). I am excited for this summer, she is a fun age that can do so much more. 

Trying to snap a few pictures of the kids, Buster is getting a little big and awkward for Sister

- The beginning of this week I told the Lord that I was tired, that I couldn't take much more. Since Colton has been born we have had a rough time with sickness in this house. His first 2 months were terrible with his crying and no sleep. During those months The flu went through our house and Steve was laid up with his back.  Since we have gotten the crying under control during the last 2 months, the flu went through our house again, Payton got the UTI, some nasty Sinus thing has made it's way through here, I really haven't slept well in 4 months. I am trying my hardest to train a stubborn 2 year old, and manage a baby, all on little sleep. I have felt worn out. Well I guess the Lord knows I can handle more because ....

That way doesn't work either

- Payton broke her arm on Tuesday! It is actually a fractured elbow. She was playing with the neighbors on their swing set and she walked right in front of one of the little girls swinging and got knocked down.  A short fall on the grass but at the right angle, we ended up in Urgent Care with X-rays confirming a fractured elbow.  We are now in the waiting game as the Pediatric Orthopedic Dr can't see us until tomorrow (Friday) morning. So I have a 2 year-old in an ace bandage that I am trying to get to sit still for 2 days. Not fun for her or mommy. These pictures of the kids were actually taken the morning before she hurt herself.  Steve has been complaining of back pain again and I sent him to the chiropractor today as selfishly I really don't want to have him laid up right now. 

- The same day that Payton broke her arm, Steve got a speeding ticket, Buster had a screaming day where he couldn't be calmed down and as I lay my head to bed I had realized that I forgot to pump (as Steve fed Buster a bottle while I was with Payton at Urgent care. I so just wanted to go to sleep, but go myself out of bed, walked downstairs and grabbed my pump (that I borrowed from a friend) off the shelf and watched it fall out of my hands, land on the floor, and shatter the plastic front piece that you need to pump (the piece isn't expensive to replace but it was just one more thing on the day). Steve came downstairs as he heard the crash and we decided it was just best for us to climb into bed and call it a day :)

So that is a little catch up on us. We are still smiling and have so much to be thankful for, but I would be lying if I didn't admit how worn out I am.

Enjoy a few more pictures of these 2 little creatures that can drive me crazy but I am so wild about :)

The look Buster has at times wondering what Sister has in store for him

"Mom are we done yet?" Yes, now we are :)


  1. Ahh...Payton & Colton are so darn cute, Erin!! The looks Colton gives are priceless, and I love Payton's "cheese" smile!

    Hope Payton's elbow heals fast (I fractured my elbow when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, it wasn't fun). And I hope you all get to feeling better, so you can get some rest and enjoy the Springy weather!

  2. bless your heart! I totally get being over the sick thing, its so hard having sick baby and sick mommy! I hope Payton's arm heals quickly! Also praying for more sleep for you! They are adorable!

  3. Poor baby!!Bless little payton's heart!

    You are a stong momma and maybe you are walking this journey because God knows if anyone can do it, it's you Erin. My goodness though...I am going to pray for a season of REST for you all for sure!!

    Let me know how I can help please...that's an order though not just a passing comment! :)

  4. So glad you are back, girl. But so sorry for the craziness. I am praying for you and look forward to reading your blog again.
    Love, love those precious babies of yours!