Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend round-up

Here are a few highlights from the weekend

We had Spring Fest at Church on Sunday, Payton did not let her 1 arm slow her down for the egg hunt

She sure is getting a lot of attention for her arm. Maybe she decided Colton was getting too much attention so found a way to change the focus back to her :)

Steve and I have been playing in an adult kickball league the last couple months. It is Sunday afternoons and we have had fun playing together. Unfortunately with all the sickness in our home, I haven't been able to make many games, but it takes us back to our early years (we know we aren't that old) of marriage where we used to play kickball in Bradenton.

 Remember how I feel like our health has been attacked and the Lord is showing me that I need to depend on him for strength, that no, I can not do it on my own, well....

Early in the game, Steve hurt his knee. He heard a pop and I could tell immediately he was in pain. Steve has a very high pain tolerance and his face was showing immediate concern. He has been resting and icing it, we think it is only a strained ligament. I found myself laughing at the situation, not at his pain, but thinking, "are you kidding me?" So we are adding another health concern to our family list for the 2011 year. We have been to the Dr more in the last 4 months then I think our whole lives. But keeping perspective, we are truly healthy people and have little reason to complain.

Payton has taken it upon herself to fix everyone in the houses boo boos.  She kisses daddy's knee all the time and this morning we went through all our "friends" and even baby brother got bandages. 

She has been wearing some of my shirts to bed because her little PJ shirts are too small for her arm. Notice I am trying to brainwash her with the Gator apparel. 

All her friends with their pink bandages.

Baby brother was not sure about his sister's work

Have a great Tuesday, it is cold and rainy here so we are laying low for the day!


  1. Cute family picture, Erin!

    Hope you all get to feeling better! And I love how Payton gave all of her "friends" casts too!

  2. That is so fun! Where did you play kickball? I LOVE Kickball! I have a friend that lives in Bradenton, he grew up there.