Thursday, April 21, 2011

There might be a little Wiens in him

Sister bear has my eye color, that is about it.
my 6 month chunk of lovin!
From the beginning people have said Buster is all Southards. Recently though, I am starting to see more Wiens and some people have even mentioned it. 

4 months

There might be hope for me after all!

me at 5 months
You can tell they are siblings, but it is fun to see them have their own look too



  1. That is seriously really do look nearly identical!! Love it...

    I'm still trying to find the resemblence of Clara and her momma. :)

  2. I agree!!! You all do look alike after seeing that baby pic of you. Isn't it funny how different kids can look. I'm always amazed that Handley and Harper look (and act) so differently. I'm anxious to see if Hudson will be somewhere in the middle.

  3. You are like a tan goddess... Don't you know that when you move to KS it is REQUIRED to be pasty and pale for 10 months out of the year??'ll learn. ;)

  4. I agree! Totally see you in him! Especially with that baby picture!