Monday, March 21, 2011

Babies and a break

This weekend I was so excited to get to see "the girls" Ava and Reese. They are our neighbors twins that were born at 26 weeks.  They have grown so much since I saw them a month ago.  Their actual due date is in about a week.  I so cherish my time I got to spend with them and their mommy and daddy. They are healthy enough now, that I got to hold Reese! I got to hold her for almost an hour, it was such precious time. 

Reese is getting so big, she is nearly 7 pounds! She is breathing on her own and doing so well. She has spells while she eats, but she is such a trooper. As long as nothing changes for the worse, she could go home within a month. 

Her sister is growing as well. Ava is over 6 pounds herself. She is still having assistance breathing.  Please keep Ava in your prayers. She is being transferred to another hospital either today or tomorrow to have a tracheotomy. Long term this is a good thing, but it adds some complications for awhile. Ava will have the surgery at Children's Mercy and then stay there for the duration of her time in the NICU. This means that the girls will be separated and mom and dad will be torn between the 2 places. Also, when Reese comes home, she will not be allowed to enter (with Hil) the NICU at Children's because she herself was not there, so again 2  babies in 2 places. This will add some stress to an already difficult situation. Please pray for Ava as well that she does not receive any infections as most likely she will not be in the private room she is accustomed to at OP. She has been more prone to infection than her sister.  Zack and Hil have been so thankful for the wonderful staff at OP that they have gotten to know the last 3 months, and now they have to start over with new staff at Children's. Please keep them all in your prayers. After spending time with the girls, I came home and hugged Colton a little tighter, I am so grateful for the health of my son. Ava and Reese have the most loving parents and I am amazed at Zack and Hil's steadfast faith and positive outlook during this time.  We can't wait to have both the girls home and healthy!

On another baby note, my super creative and talented friend Jenny showed up with some gifts for us today at Bible Study. She makes baby items for local boutiques and I was so touched by her gracious gifts. I kept shaking my head in awe of her talent.   Thank you Jenny for the thoughtfulness!

Buster got an adorable ensemble

Momma got a notebook to write things down since my brain cells have been shot with these kids

Sister Bear got an adorable tank for the summer and the coolest crayon holder. If you look at the first picture, it rolls up and is perfect for on the go.

One last thing...
I will be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks. For some personal reasons I am going to really be intentional with my time, and I am going to step away from the computer (blogging and facebook) which somehow seem to zap my time.  Don't miss me too much, I will be back.

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  1. Just wanted to say hi! I found your blog through another blog who liked your nursery and linked back to your blog. You live in my area (I'm across the state line, but still!).

    Anyway, I'm a new follower. Looking forward to getting to "know" you :)