Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free Jeans

Yes, you read that correctly, I scored free jeans from Target. Unfortunately, I could not find a pair for myself, so my friend Jessica is going to be receiving these.  I already the exact pair (paid $10 arghh!) and don't need 2 of the same pair of jeans (actually jeggings). Jessica had twin boys 2 weeks after me, so we both are wearing pants that we hope will be too big on us soon.

How did I score FREE jeans you might ask? No my good looks and charm did not win the cashier over, she actually called her manager because she really didn't know how to handle my situation. I had a coupon for $5 off any Women's denim (from weekly Target coupons I receive via text) and these bad boys were on clearance for $4.98. I didn't intentionally look for a $5 to get them for free (well kinda, didn't) but hey that is what I ended up with. I could have got a pair and donated them, I really didn't care, just thought it was so fun to walk out of target with paying zilch and a pair of jeans in my bag!

I am wearing these same jeggings in this picture

Go to and sign up for coupons and maybe you can score the same deal.


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  1. Um, I LOVE this!!! Haha, I saw that coupon, I just didn't think about using it in such a brilliant way. Love you, smartie. ;)