Friday, March 11, 2011

My new friends

Here are 2 of my new friends

We never had a good thermometer with Payton. Ours broke early on. I never really knew if she had a fever. Well, I decided to invest in THIS bad boy and I love it! You simply swipe it across the forehead and down to the pupil and you have your temperature. It was perfect timing with Payton having her flu recently. I was having so much fun taking all of our temps for fun. Payton kept saying "mommy's turn, colton's turn, daddy's turn." She assumed we all needed are temps taken.


She is my other new friend. I have been working out with Jillian and her girls this past week. Trying to accomplish my goal of returning to pre-baby weight.  I love this workout because it is an intense 20 minutes. That is perfect for someone with a busy schedule, go hard for 20 minutes, then you are done. It is similar stuff to what I do with my bootcamp girls, maybe this will get me in good enough shape to work out with them again. Now I need to stop eating those sweets, that might help the weight come off.

What have you done to loose that baby weight?



  1. I still haven't lost my baby weight yet....ROFL!

  2. Basically trying to do the same thing...cut down on the sweets (which is super hard for me!!!) and exercise several times a week. To be honest I never exercised consistently after I had Aaron and was about 15lbs heavier than "normal" when I got pregnant with Noah. So after he was born I knew if I ever hoped to feel comfortable in my own skin again I had to get serious. I work out 30-40 min each time and with the calories I burn from nursing, I am seeing the weight drop really fast. I lost all the baby weight plus an extra 8lbs last time I weighed myself, which was about 3 weeks ago. I don't own a scale because I think I would get too obsessive about checking every day, so I just use my mom's when I visit their house. I bet if I could just cut down to eating sweets a couple times a week that would do the trick, but for me its an almost daily habit. Nothing crazy...but I need a lil something! :) I feel like there is no "magic solution" for weight loss...just simple diet and exercise (consistently!) is the key to the whole thing.