Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Wrap-up

I figured I better wrap up the holidays before the new year, so here we go.

Since moving away from family, Christmas has historically been a hard time of year for me (THIS post from last year will support this). Granted 2 of the past 3 Christmas's I have been delivering babies, so my hormones have been whacked out. I am pregnant and still breastfeeding this year, so I am not sure if I am much better, yet I seemed more level to myself :)

Christmas Eve we video chatted with the whole Wiens family, and that often makes me sad when I hang up. I cried because I so wish I could share the holidays with my family, but it most likely won't ever be a reality. When you marry a man in ministry and you live half-way across the country from your family, the likelihood of being together is slim. 

I think the reminder of being away from family actually hit me about a week earlier. While sitting in Starbucks I witnessed multiple mom/daughter units (all different ages) and I got so sad that I had to leave because my emotions were getting the best of me. I am not much of a crier, so Steve was very surprised as I walked in the door home early from my alone time with my eyes and face all red. I would love to live by my parents, I love my parents, they are amazing people, I would love to do life regularly with them and my brothers and their families. Even amongst the tears and pain, I have such confidence that Olathe is home, I do love Olathe, it is home to me, I just wish I could share it with my family. I know we are in the place God has us, there is no place I would rather be. But a sacrifice for following the call of God, is not living near family. That is much harder for me around the holidays. 

Needless to say, I was very thankful to have my in-laws be with us this year. This is the first time they have made it to Kansas City for Christmas and we so enjoyed our time with them. Steve spoke at Christmas Eve service, then we headed home for lasagna and had a cozy night at home. 

Papa and Buster

Papa and Gigi with kids

With sister's BIG BENNY (she loves her uncle benny - not her most photogenic night, she refused to wear a bow and was fixing her hair all night)

Our dear friends the Brantons, we have a Christmas Eve picture when little Miss Grace was in Amy's belly

Sister wore her Santa hat to match her Santa dress
 Christmas morning the kids actually slept in until 8. The adults were up at 7 enjoying the quietness and a cup of coffee. Everyone got so many wonderful things from Santa and family.

Monday we headed down to the family farms to spend time with both sides of Steve's family and then headed for a few days to the lake house. I didn't get any pictures but we had a wonderful visit with so many of Steve's extended family and some nice R&R at the lake house. The weather was in the mid-50's and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Since most people are now taking down their Christmas decor, I am finally putting up a few pictures of ours. This is really more for my benefit so when next year rolls around I like to look to see what I did last year and mix it up a bit.

Last year I had a really busy mantle, this year I wanted to keep it simple

I was anti red and green once again this year. I made these fabric trees to support my cause :)

Hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and are safe ringing in the new year. Steve and I are going to enjoy a quiet evening at home, probably will be in bed before the clock strikes 12 :)

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