Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decor

Last year I got tired of using my same old hand-me-down Christmas decor. I had bought some things over the years, but I mostly had a hodge-podge of decor. I really wanted to do jewel tone decor last year that could hold me over all winter, but when I went after the season to find "deals" there really weren't many options left. This year I hit Hobby Lobby (still getting 50% off items) and Home Goods early and found some fun stuff.  Below are the pics from moving Fall into Winter/Christmas.  Steve isn't too sure since there isn't red and green.

Fall Kitchen Table Centerpiece

Christmas Kitchen Centerpiece (the stick is from the back yard)

Fall Console Table

Christmas Console Table

Putting my cake stand and old wreath to good use. Just had a friend spray paint an old wreath silver and it looks awesome, thinking about giving that a try.

Fall Couch

Winter Couch (only had to buy the $3 bird pillows from Target, the others are out of my bedroom which is now bare)

Love my new winter, cozy throw!

Mantle, working with the Oak. I am not an Oak girl but the midwest sure loves them some oak

I usually believe "Less is More" when it comes to my mantle, but I went a little wild this time!

Making my own front door decor. Can't fit too many wreaths between storm door and front door so I had to get creative

My front door present!



  1. Looks great Erin! I love the jewel tone colors for Christmas, it's very fun!!

  2. Erin,

    Please tell me where you got those cute white and orange owls!! I love them!!

    Lindsey Sturman