Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Colton David Southards

Colton has arrived!

Colton David Southards
Dec. 16th
7 lbs 13 oz
20 inch
13 1/4 in head

Little man is wonderfully healthy! Steve is a little worried that his sister might have to defend him since she was 1 pound larger and her head was 1 whole inch larger! He is in the sleepy stage right now. I am fighting him to stay awake just to eat, but he seems content right now.

For those who care about the details of the delivery:

Leaving for hospital, Steve thought he was funny acting like my belly weighed a lot!

We arrived at the hospital a little after 7am. We are now 2 for 2 with being induced, I am not sure what it feels like to arrive at a hospital in labor, not having your wits about you. After getting checked in and settled in our room Dr. Snider came in to check on me. I asked if we could just break my water and not start pitocin and he was game.  He checked me and I was 3 cm and 70% effaced.  He tried to break my water but had a little difficulty because Colton's head was so low against the sac there wasn't much fluid cushioning.  For the next 5 hours I walked the floor, got monitored for a bit, walked the floor, got monitored and walked the floor. At one end of the hall Steve and I would stop and do squats. I am sure I did well over 150 squats. At one point my "coach" aka Steve was critiquing my form for my squats, I wasn't too thankful for the advice.  We saw the same nurses and other visitors over and over as we walked. I figured I made some progress but I still felt really good.

On a side note here, my nurse Christy was amazing. She was a true blessing. She was probably as close to having a midwife or doula as one could get for being a nurse in a hospital. She really took her job seriously in taking care of me and being my advocate. She knew I wanted to be as free from drugs as possible and took it upon herself to help me in that process. 

1pm Dr. Snider comes in and sees my happy disposition and can tell I haven't progressed much and he asks if I am ok starting pitocin. We agree to the smallest amount possible and for a short duration.  I am check and have only gone from 3cm to 4cm in the 5 hours of walking and squatting.  So the pit drip starts.  My contractions hit hard immediately. I can't get comfortable, my whole body freezes and tenses up during each contraction that I started begging for an epideral.  Christy knew I wanted to try without, so she suggested stadol to help take off the edge. As she put that in my IV I kept having contractions about 1-2 minutes apart that didn't give me rest and I couldn't stay calm. After 2 contractions with the stadol, I was finally able to control myself.  I still felt A LOT, but I was able to work with the pain and "ride" the contractions. I was very focused and didn't want any noise. It was just me and Steve in the room and I wanted silence. 

Yes my husband took a picture of me "in the zone"

I really didn't open my eyes for over an hour, I just worked through the contractions.  After 1 hour of pitocin, they stopped it because I was progressing. In that hour I went from 4 - 6cm.  The next hour, on stadol I went from 6-9. I progressed quickly. I started feeling the intensity of the contractions again and asked for more stadol as it last for about an hour and was running out. Christy said she had to check me first because if I was too close to delivery she couldn't give me anymore.  That is when I was checked to be a 9! People started bringing all sorts of things in for delivery and I was still in the zone. I really didn't think I was that close. When I had to urge to push (Christy said I would know, and boy did I know) she said to give her a trial push, so I started to and she quickly told me to stop.

She picked up the phone and called for the Dr. She said she could see his head and that he was coming. I have heard of women whom are told to not push when they have the urge because the Dr wasn't there for the delivery, I always said that I don't know how you don't push when you have the urge.  Well, I panted, that is what they said to do. I thought in my head that if the Dr wasn't there soon, I would push and a nurse would just have to deliver the baby, I am sure they had done it before. 2 contractions later the Dr was there (He had been told to be on high alert as I was progressing quickly) and he let me push. It only took 1 contraction of pushing for him to come out.  It hurt!!!!!!

Our little man had arrived. I will spare the details of the rest of the yucky part of delivery and the pains that were experienced down south.  After having 1 epideral delivery and 1 non-epideral delivery, I believe drugs are wonderful. I guess I can say I am glad that I experienced a "mostly drug-free" delivery because I really got to feel my body doing what it was created to do. But as of right now, if #3 baby results in an induction (pitocin) I will probably just go ahead and get the epideral and "enjoy" the delivery.

All that to say, I am thankful for a healthy little guy!

Payton was trying to figure it all out in the hospital

Mimi and little man

Papa and Gigi with Payton



  1. I've been waiting for this post! I'm so happy to hear your delivery went well, even with no drugs. I can't imagine doing that, but hooray for you!!! Colton is a doll and I'm so happy for your family. Glad your mom has been there to help you.

  2. I'm proud of you!! I don't know that I will be that brave and try without the drugs!! He is so beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Erin, thank you for sharing! I love the story of his birth and I'm so proud of you for doing it without an epidural! You're so strong! I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas!!