Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tree Adventure

I should have known that when I married Mr. Southards that we would have fun adventures. We don't just take the "easy way out" and we sure don't have fake Christmas Trees.  The last 2 years we have gone to a local Christmas Tree farm and cut down our own trees and then went to the cider mill and had some warm, yummy apple cider. 

2008 Tree, pregnant with Payton

2009 Tree hunt

Well this year we decided we weren't sure if it was worth coughing up the $50 for the Tree farm, since the "tradition" we started really doesn't have any value to our kids yet, being that one isn't even 2 and the other isn't out of the womb.  So we started looking at the local stores for trees and how much we wanted to spend.

Enter my husband's (Mr. Manly Man) idea. He hunts some property just south of us that our friends own and he said he has seen some cedar trees on the property that might work for our tree. As we drove around he was showing me the difference between cedar and pine and asking for my approval.  I know that he is wired to find so much more satisfaction to walking out to the woods and cutting our own tree down, then to have the good ole boys at Home Depot shake, bag and throw the tree on the top of the Explorer. 

So out to the woods we went ...

Conveniently Steve had to move his climbing tree stand since he is in the middle of hunting season, so Payton and I waited in the car for daddy to finish climbing the trees

Boys will be boys, climbing trees no matter their age

We walked the property and Steve found this tree and had the idea to cut off the top since it was way too big

Our tree, ready to haul home.

I feel like I couldn't get a picture to do the tree justice.  

I was very pleased with the end result. We have always had a "family" tree every year but Steve said that this tree could look really elegant or really redneck.  For the first time over I heard my husband say "why don't you go shopping and make this tree a decorative tree."  He gave me permission to shop for decorations, that made my Christmas right there! So this year we have a "pretty" tree. You can't see the top, but it has white feathers for the topper, since the branches are so fragile, it wouldn't hold anything else.


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