Thursday, December 9, 2010

38 weeks (1 week left)

Tomorrow I am 38 weeks. 1 week from today I will be induced if little man doesn't decide to come on his own first. I have been having contractions for a week, but very minor ones that haven't been doing much. For the last week I have been 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, not much progress, but more than my body ever did with Payton.  I would love to go on my own and see what "natural" labor feels like, but not to the extent that I am willing to risk a Christmas birthday for little man. I am down to very few clothes that I can wear. I don't have many maternity tops and have gotten away with not needing as many as I did with Payton because I think I am a bit smaller  (I had borrowed my SIL maternity clothes last time and she is pregnant due right behind me so I was on my own this time). I have gained about 30 pounds (I gained 35 with P), but feel much healthier than I did with Payton and I think a large portion of that is because I worked out most of my pregnancy. 

So we wait at most 1 week. I think my emotional state is more positive this time because I know there is an end date. Not like Payton where I wasn't sure if she would come out with her college degree completed. 

Comparison pics:
38.5 weeks with Payton

38 weeks with little man (FYI 4 day old curls, love it!)

And because Payton wanted her picture included while we were taking pics this morning, here she is enjoy a "cookie" after breakfast. She has been patient watching me bake all week for Christmas parties and got to choose her cookie this morning. She chose the only chocolate one and as you can see loved it. Her Mimi K would be proud she chose chocolate, chocolate is usually my last choice :)



  1. Erin you look gorgeous!! Now how in the world do you get your curls and hair to look that amazing on day 4? Mine would be a's a mess the next day so I have to wash it every morning!

  2. Seriously, it has got to be a crime to look so beautiful at 38 weeks.

  3. You look great! I'm glad you have an end date in sight. I want to see pics of his finished nursery too!

  4. Erin, you are seriously so beautiful! You are SO CLOSE! Praying he decides to come on his own...and quickly/easily!