Sunday, December 12, 2010

More is caught then taught

Payton has a new manger scene that she absolutely loves. She plays with it everyday, feeding the animals, feeding the people, playing music, and moving them all around the house.  The other day she started doing this...

Where are Mary and Joseph you might ask ...

Payton takes them across the room somewhere, places them together and says "Date, baby Jesus mommy and daddy, date, no baby"

But as she then explains that the mommy and daddy always "Be back"

It amazed me that she has picked up on the concept of Steve and my "Date night." We go on dates nearly every Thursday and we leave her with different people all the time. We are so grateful for neighbors and church friends who watch her for us. I tell her that mommy and daddy always come back for her.  I love that she knows that dates are for mommy and daddy, and no baby. I hope she is learning that our world does not revolve around her, our marriage is our first priority.  A healthy family/home life begins with a healthy marriage.  People told us when we first got married to never stop dating each other, even after the wedding vows and especially after the children. We carve out money in our tight budget for our date nights, we know it will probably get harder and more expensive with more children, but we make it a priority and it is evident to me that our child notices. I pray that one day, when Payton is a married woman and a mom, she doesn't forget date nights with her husband.



  1. I love kids!!! =) They are my Joy!

  2. Oh my that is just about the cutest thing ever Erin! What a sweetheart...I remember my parent's date nights as a child too and I remember just knowing they would always come back but that time was just for them. Too sweet.

  3. Oh, Erin, I love that! It's amazing what kids pick up, even when you're not trying to teach them.

  4. What great advice Erin...Dwayne and I are struggling a bit with that at the moment because Jaden is so young. But we have our first date night scheduled for next week! Hope you are well and good luck on Thursday!

  5. Erin- What a great example you and Steve are setting for your children. Thinking of you today as you meet your little man. Hope it all goes smoothly!