Sunday, November 21, 2010

Surprise Baby Shower in Florida

Sunday evening after the wedding my friends and family threw me a surprise baby shower. After a few "slip-ups" I did have a hunch something was happening, regardless, it was a great evening and I felt so loved by people close to me.  It was at my dad's office and it was special because people were in town for the wedding that wouldn't have been otherwise, so it was an extra night with friends.

I held the surprise face long enough for a picture, I wasn't sure if I would tell them that I figured it out, but I am not good at lying, so I did.

It was a surprise who was there, fun to see everyone

This little guy got a lot of adorable items. Even a few Gator items so we can represent in KS.

Payton, a mess from the pizza, walking around like she owned the place!

My sister-in-law Jaime and good family friend Cindy who was in from Indiana.  Jaime had been sick before the wedding and finally went to the Dr this past Friday (a week after the wedding) and was hospitalized 4 nights for pneumonia.  Poor thing was a trooper the whole weekend.

So sad the picture was fuzzy, 2 of my best friends from college, Callie and Jess drove an hour from Lakeland for the shower. They were a big surprise!

I offered to let Steve help open the gifts, he said he was enjoying watching me open them. I do get a little more excited about cute baby stuff then he does!

Janann had to get a belly feel! I enjoy people I know rubbing the belly, feeling little guy move never gets old!


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  1. haha!!!! Steves face is hilarious, thats the same thing dave would be doing