Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This was Payton's first year dressing up for Halloween. Last year we were down at my in-laws lake house and no one was going to see her, so she was just festive. 

Halloween 2009

Her costume this year was a hand-me-down dress that we decided looked like a cowgirl. So with a good excuse to buy her some cute boots that she can wear all winter, we were good to go for her costume.

Indian Creek hosted a Trunk or Treat, it was such a busy night, at least 800 kiddos.

Before heading out to the parking lot. I should have put a smiley face on my belly to be a pumpkin!
It got really cold as the sun went down

It was very windy, after visiting a few trunks, Payton spent most of the evening handing out candy with some people from our community group.  She got to stay in the Alina's trunk where it was a little warmer.

Some of Payton's best friends and their daddy's. Mike and E-man Zimmers, Terry and Addi Blunt and Steve and Payton


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