Tuesday, November 9, 2010

8.5 months

Last Friday I was 8.5 months along in this pregnancy. Went to the Dr last week here are updates:

Heartbeat good to go
Gained 24 pounds (might be less than Payton by the end)
Baby weighs as much as a pineapple
Got the green light to Fly to Florida tomorrow for Colin's wedding this weekend
I feel like I have dropped some, not sure, but indigestion isn't as bad, front of body hurts more than back, and I feel like my belly sits lower
And the most exciting part...

Dr said he will induce me Dec 16th if Mr. Little Southards hasn't made his entrance into this world yet!!!!  I would love to go into labor naturally and see how it compares to induction,  and I am usually against induction for convenience, but I am breaking my own rules.  With a Dec 24th due date, and with my history of child #1 going way over my due date and having to be induced, I would love for little man's birthday to be as far away from Christmas as possible. If it wasn't the holidays I would want to wait to at least my due date to see if he came on his own, but with the current situation (he is also measuring large) I am good to go early.  So December 16th it is. That is a Thursday, which means I am down to about 5 weeks! 

Who knows, he could always come early on his own, I am just not counting on it.

Here are some pictures from Friday when I was 8.5 months. Payton decided she need to be in the photo shoot.

Probably the best belly shot, Payton wanted to share the orange with me while Steve was taking pictures

Payton loves to kiss Baby Brother

Checking to see if there is a baby in her belly

Full shot at 8.5 months!

Another kiss, she loves him already

This was about 8.5 months with Payton,  I think he has dropped more than Payton did at this point



  1. You look awesome! I just had a friend who was induced (yesterday morning actually), only they didn't use pitocin. They used a balloon (foley catheter). (Here's an article:

    She did this with her last one (yesterday was #4) and both times went semi-naturally into labor about 12 hours later. She also delivered naturally with #3 b/c he came so quickly.

    When I had Reagan, I "naturally induced" by drinking castor oil - some agree and some don't with this method, but it worked for us (and several other friends) - it also took about 12 hours to kick in.

    Praying for the Lord's perfect timing and birth date for this little guy! So excited for you guys!

  2. You look so beautiful Erin!! You serious make pregnancy look sooo cute!! Miss you! Have a great time at the wedding!!

  3. aww Erin! i love these pics! so fun! you look so good!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you!! love ya!