Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Payton Pictures

Since I know most of the family reads my blog for pictures of Payton, I thought I would include a few from the last few days...

Saturday morning we made a tent in my room as I got ready for the day

Payton found anything she could to add to her fort

Packing her bag for Monday Morning Bible Study. My child is such a happy child, but for the camera and at church she seems to loose her smile and consider everyone suspicious.

Wiping Boo's bum bum, making sure he is clean for the car ride to Bible study

She woke up with a bruise on her cheek, not sure what she was doing in the middle of the night

Heading to Rhyme Time this morning at the library. It was almost 70 degrees today so we took total advantage of wearing short sleeves. After Rhyme Time (where Payton says we read books and clap) we headed to the park for a picnic, soaking up the sun.  Payton insists on wearing her rain boots almost everywhere, as they are the only shoes she can completely put on by herself!


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